Remember the carefree nature of the swings and the slides, accompanied by endless giggles and chatter? Remember the games and fun that would be postponed by the whistle, signaling the continuation of class? Remember the fun of recess?

The aging state of the playground at Northeast makes it increasingly difficult for kids to receive the physical and mental benefits physical activity through recess brings.  Recess is a vital component to not only the structure of elementary education, but the livelihood of children as well. Northeast Elementary has one of the largest enrollments among Kearney Public Schools, and many of the kids in attendance are dependent on physical activity through recess.  The kids at Northeast Elementary are attempting to enjoy this truly blissful portion of childhood, on recess equipment that is creaky, falling apart, and due for an upgrade. Your gift would help the school reach their $100,100 goal, and make the dream of a new playground become a reality. Join the Bobcats at Play!